The Inclined Line of Credit (iLOC)

The Inclined Line of Credit (iLOC) is a revolving line of credit designed to give your clients the ultimate freedom and flexibility to get the most out of the cash value in their whole life policies.

What is the Inclined Line of Credit (iLOC)?

The iLOC is a revolving line of credit secured by the cash value in your whole life policy. An iLOC is the most efficient way to access your cash value savings.

Why is Inclined better than borrowing from leading banks?

Inclined reduces the amount of paperwork and time required to access the cash value of whole life policies. We offer competitive rates, a modern portal for making draws and payments, and exceptional customer service.

No required interest payments up to your credit limit.

The iLOC works just like a policy loan from your carrier, but with a modern online experience. No interest payments required1, no late payments1, and we’ll never charge you any fees, you only pay the interest that accrues on your outstanding balance.


When your account is active and in good standing, each month you can choose to pay interest or let interest accrue. There are no fees or penalties for accruing interest. Unpaid Interest will be added into principal on the due date. If the interest due would place your balance above your credit limit you may owe a minimum payment and capitalizing interest may not be permitted.