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Advisor Portal Video Tour

The Inclined Advisor Portal is designed to make it easy for Financial Advisors to start offering clients a fast, easy, secure way to access the cash value in their Whole Life Policy. 

Watch the videos below to learn how to navigate the Portal, send invitations, and track your clients' iLOC application progress.

1) How to Sign Up

The first step to using the Inclined Advisor Portal is signing up for an account. It only takes a minute, and most Northwestern Mutual and MassMutual agents will be approved right away.

Click here to sign up now!

2) Logging In

Our secure system doesn't require you to use a password. Log in by
 clicking here and entering your email address. We'll send a one-time link to your email to securely log in each time you want to access the system.

3) Sending Application Introductions

Use the Inclined Advisor Portal whenever you want to send invitations to apply for a new iLOC account. You can invite yourself for a personal like, or any of your clients who meet our existing iLOC eligibility requirements.

4) iLOC Eligibility

You can view the most up-to-date iLOC eligibility requirements from within the Advisor Portal. We’re always working on expanding coverage for the types of policies and situations we can accept, so check back frequently for updates.

5) Tracking Application Progress

Track each client through the origination process, resend invitations, and, for clients with approved and active lines of credit, view a summary of their line details and activity.

6) Linking a Bank Account

You can link a bank account to any open iLOC account to faster draws and payment processing. This video walks you through the simple steps to link an account.