The living benefit of
whole life insurance.

Every policyowner should have easier access to the cash value in their whole life policies  – whenever they want for whatever matters most.

The Inclined Line of Credit (iLOC), is a revolving line of credit designed to give you that ultimate freedom and flexibility. iLOCs are currently available for policies from eligible carriers1 only, but check back frequently because we're expanding quickly!

Choose an iLOC to access your cash value

Low minimums, high limits

You can establish a line of credit with a limit as low as $5,0002. Credit limits can be up to 95% of the cash surrender value, not to exceed the loan amount from your carrier. Inclined will also reevaluate your credit limit for you two times per year3.

Easy to apply and use

Our online application process takes about 15 minutes4. Once your account is active you can make next-day draws and payments online5, and your account stays open until you decide to close it - no renewals needed!

Competitive rates, attractive benefits

The iLOC offers competitive rates and enables you to maintain your full dividend schedule and other policy benefits. Interest may be tax deductible, please consult your tax professional.

Active iLOCs don’t report to credit bureaus

When you borrow against the cash value of your whole life insurance policy, we don’t report it as outstanding debt to the credit bureaus. We only do one soft and hard inquiry on your credit report.

No required payments

As long as there is room on your credit limit, interest payments are optional, giving you more flexibility and control over your finances. There is also no penalty for paying it off early if you choose. Monthly interest charges can be paid in cash or capitalized into principal up to the available amount on the line of credit.

No fees ever

Speak with your Financial Advisor to open an iLOC, and learn more about our process.

"Process seems smooth and allows for a good optimization of the cash value at a better cost than directly taking it from NW Mutual."

Adam B.

iLOC Client

“The process was easy and straight forward.  The terms are good and it’s nice to have access to the funds we have invested in our whole life policy.”

Chad A.

iLOC Client

"Process was easy and [Inclined’s] software worked well. Hooking up to my checking account was really cool. Nice interface."

Heather W.

iLOC Client

"Everyone I encountered in getting my account set up [was] extremely proactive, timely and helpful. They provided simple instructions and made it a great experience."

Clarence M.

iLOC Client

“Makes total sense and was very 'user friendly' to transfer the account from NWM to Incline[d]. Lower interest was a big factor.”

David A.

iLOC Client

“This is a fantastic financial tool for anyone who has Life Insurance equity!”

Benjamin T.

iLOC Client

“Ease of qualification and ease of use. No excess forms needed. Pay interest if desired. Overall quality of service and simplicity.”

Tom L.

iLOC Client

“Easy to establish a LOC, easy to make draws on the LOC and easy to pay it off. Very convenient.”

Patrick M.

iLOC Client

Request an iLOC Application

Ready to get started? Request an iLOC application using the form below. Please be sure to read our current iLOC Eligibility Requirements in advance.

Access your cash value whenever you need it

Everything that happens in your life, good or bad, affects your finances. Whole Life Insurance provides a powerful living benefit for policyowners by offering a smart liquidity option using your cash value.

Examples of how our clients have used the Inclined Line of Credit:

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Real estate purchases

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Unplanned Capital Calls

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Unplanned expenses

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Business start up

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Home remodeling

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Debt restructure from higher rates

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Cash flow support

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Premium payments

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Tax payments

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Emergency fund

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Eligible Insurance Providers

We currently accept policies from Guardian, Northwestern Mutual, and MassMutual. Check back frequently as we're expanding quickly!

1 Eligible carriers currently include Guardian, Northwestern Mutual, and MassMutual. Check back frequently as we're expanding quickly!

2 Final underwritten line must be at least $25,000 in Washington D.C., $10,000 in New Mexico and Arizona, and $5,000 everywhere else. An unlimited number of policies can be combined to reach the minimum credit limit.

3 Credit limits are typically re-evaluated twice per policy year and generally increase with the value of the policy, however credit limit increases are discretionary and are not guaranteed.

4 Typical application times are 15 minutes. Application review and approval times are typically 1 business day, and funds can be available as quickly as 10 business days from completing an application. However, time estimates are contingent upon insurance carrier response times and may be longer.

5 Once an Inclined Line of Credit is opened, policyowners can log in online to make draws via ACH to and from your linked bank account. Funds arrive at the borrower’s bank the next business day, fund availability subject to receiving bank’s policies. In some cases, it may take 2 business days.