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The living benefit of Whole
Life Insurance.

Inclined makes it easier for whole life policyowners to access their cash value whenever they want, for whatever matters most. Give your clients the convenience and flexibility they’re looking for by introducing them to the Inclined Line of Credit (iLOC).
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iLOC: Unlock Whole Life Cash Value

The Inclined Line of Credit (iLOC) is a revolving line backed by a whole life insurance policy. It has the lowest minimum cash value of any similar product on the market, opening access to previously unserved policyowners and offering a superior customer experience. Currently, Northwestern Mutual and MassMutual Financial Advisors can introduce their clients to Inclined to apply for an iLOC.


Only $25,000 of cash value required


Competitive rates


No fees, ever

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"Process seems smooth and allows for a good optimization of the cash value at a better cost than directly taking it from NW Mutual."

Adam B.

iLOC Client

“The process was easy and straight forward.  The terms are good and it’s nice to have access to the funds we have invested in our whole life policy.”

Chad A.

iLOC Client

"Process was easy and [Inclined’s] software worked well. Hooking up to my checking account was really cool. Nice interface."

Heather W.

iLOC Client

"Everyone I encountered in getting my account set up [was] extremely proactive, timely and helpful. They provided simple instructions and made it a great experience."

Clarence M.

iLOC Client

“Makes total sense and was very 'user friendly' to transfer the account from NWM to Incline[d]. Lower interest was a big factor.”

David A.

iLOC Client

“This is a fantastic financial tool for anyone who has Life Insurance equity!”

Benjamin T.

iLOC Client

“Ease of qualification and ease of use. No excess forms needed. Pay interest if desired. Overall quality of service and simplicity.”

Tom L.

iLOC Client

“Easy to establish a LOC, easy to make draws on the LOC and easy to pay it off. Very convenient.”

Patrick M.

iLOC Client

The Best Way to Access Cash Value

Inclined has built an innovative technology platform that connects policyowners with financial institutions in a unique marketplace that maximizes efficiency and delivers competitive rates.

Financial Advisors with Northwestern Mutual and MassMutual can introduce the Inclined Line of  Credit (iLOC) to clients as a fast and flexible way of accessing the liquidity they need.


Advisors join the Inclined Advisor Portal



Advisors can introduce clients to Inclined via the Portal

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Policyowners accept the invitation to apply online

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Inclined processes the application & opens the account

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1 Final underwritten line must be at least $5,000 including any allowances for potential cash value decreases in the event of an automatic premium loan. If you reside in AZ or NM, your underwritten line must be at least $10,000. If you reside in DC, your underwritten line must be at least $25,000.

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