Unlock Whole Life Cash Value

Inclined makes it easier for whole life policyowners to access their cash value whenever they want for whatever matters most. Give your clients the freedom and flexibility they’re looking for with the Inclined Line of Credit (iLOC).

  • Apply in 15 minutes1
  • Zero Fees
  • Make Next-Day Draws2

Why use Inclined?

Inclined reduces the amount of paperwork and time required to access the cash value of whole life policies. We offer competitive rates, market-leading efficiency, and exceptional customer service.

How long will it take?

Applying typically takes 15 minutes.1 We just need some basic information about the policyowner and their policies. We do the rest.

What are the fees?

Inclined charges no setup fees, late fees, or any fees of any kind, you only pay the interest charged to you by Inclined’s lending partner.

What happens next?

When a new iLOC is opened, Inclined pays off the balance of any existing policy loan directly to the carrier.

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For Borrowers

Inclined is currently available via invitation only. Talk to your financial advisor about how to get started.

For Advisors

Would you like to offer iLOC to your whole life clients?


The typical applicant can apply for an iLOC using our online portal in around 15 minutes.


Once an Inclined Line of Credit is opened, policyowners can use our online portal to make draws that process overnight. Funds arrive at the borrower’s bank the next business day, fund availability subject to receiving bank’s policies.