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Refinance Your Policy Loan.

Our rates are up to 0.73% lower1 and could save you thousands2. Unleash the full power of your whole life cash value with the Inclined Line of Credit (iLOC) with a two year fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 5.00%3.

  • Two Year Fixed 5.00% Rate3
  • Zero Fees
  • Simple Online Experience

Why refinance with Inclined?

Find certainty in volatile times with a two year fixed rate up to 0.73% lower than policy loan rates.1 A lower rate drives exponentially higher growth on your underlying whole life cash value.

How long will it take?

Applying takes 15 minutes4. We just need some basic information about you and your policies. We do the rest.

What are the fees?

Inclined charges no setup fees, late fees, or any fees of any kind, you only pay the interest charged to you by Inclined’s bank partner.

What happens next?

With your new iLOC open, Inclined pays off the balance of your existing policy loan directly to your carrier.

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Inclined is currently available via invitation only. Talk to your financial advisor about how to get started.

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As of Q4 2022 the policy loan rate at Northwestern Mutual was 5.73%. Inclined’s Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is fixed at 5.00% per annum for the first two years of the loan.


When paying interest each month, a $200,000 balance on an Inclined Line of Credit at 5.00% would accrue $80,000 in interest over a typical 8 year line duration, a savings of $11,680 over a Northwestern Mutual direct policy loan from the carrier, which at a rate of 5.73% would accrue $91,680 in interest over the same 8 year line duration.


After two years you will have the option to renew your line at the interest rate (and corresponding APR) available at that time. From time to time we may offer other structures.


Typical application times are 15 minutes. Application review and approval times are typically 5 business days, funds are typically available within 10-14 business days from completing an application, however time estimates are contingent upon insurance carrier response times and may be longer.